Quality is of highest priority

In order to assure the highest possible quality of your translation, there are two things that play a very important role: quality testing and communication.

Quality testing

After the first translation, each target text goes through a number of quality assurance steps, so you can be sure your translation is consistent and in an authentic style. In the first step, target and source text are compared sentence by sentence. During this step, the accuracy of the translation is checked again, and the wording is often revised, in order to obtain best readability.

After this revision, the text is checked for any inconsistencies with a specific software.

The following is checked by the software:

  • use of your company specific vocabulary (if used during the translation)
  • correctness of punctuation (including quotation marks, brackets, spaces etc.)
  • identical use of technical terms
  • correct transfer of all numerical values into the target language
  • completeness of the translation

After this test, the final proof reading of the target document is done. During this, the whole text is proof read again from beginning to end. In this way, shortcomings not identified during revision or by the software can be eliminated.


Even after coordinating all your needs and requirements, there might still be questions concerning the text or the correct use of certain words. Therefore, communication is very important. If necessary, I will contact you (or the designated contact person) from time to time. Another great benefit is that I am immediately available for contact, and have complete knowledge of your project and the details of your text. If direct communication is unnecessary, you might receive some comments with the delivery of your translation.

After delivery, feedback from your side is very welcome, since it may lead to further improvement in my translation services.